Written by : How Close is Your Relationship? 

How Close is Your Relationship?

How much do you value your close relationships? Do you fear your partner will reject you? Are you afraid to commit? How you answer these questions can give you valuable insights into yourself and your relationships with the people closest to you.

Research shows you can create distance in an intimate relationship two ways: anxiety and avoidance. Too much attachment-related anxiety, and you may worry your partner doesn’t feel the same way about you or that he or she may leave. Too much attachment-related avoidance, and you may fail to make a commitment and drive people away.

When you take the Close Relationships Questionnaire, developed by R. Chris Fraley, Ph.D.; Niels G. Waller, Ph.D.; and Kelly A. Brennan, Ph.D., you can measure your level of attachment. Being happy in our relationships is crucial to our subjective wellbeing, and knowing where you are will show you where to go.

Take the Close Relationship Quiz at AuthenticHappiness.org.

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