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Summer of Fun

Summer of Fun icon graphic

Make the most of your summer with this 8-week email course with Mike Rucker, PhD, author of The Fun Habit. Each week, Mike offers a new idea for building more fun into your week — and explains what each new fun habit is doing for your brain. Begins June 20.


Healing from Pet Loss

A man and woman grieving the loss of their pet

The loss of a pet can feel like losing a best friend or even a family member. In this free four-week course, certified grief and pet loss therapist Brittany Derrenbacher guides you through the difficult emotions surrounding pet loss. You’ll learn tips to honor your pet’s memories, discover new coping strategies, and begin to heal.


Discover the Power of Stillness

A woman meditating in a field of grass

Learning to be still and listening for what you need can help you discover your greatest potential. Join Jeanine Thompson, a former clinical psychotherapist and author of 911 From Your Soul on a journey to learn to do nothing and listen to the lessons that are waiting the stillness.


Building Love

A man fixing the puzzle pieces of a broken heart

Love shows up in our lives in many different ways, and with the right practices you can create more of it in your life. In this week-long email course, Maria Baltazzi, author of Take a Shot at Happiness, offers a daily practice for building more love in your life.

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