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21 Ways to Spread Love in the World

1. Pass a good book on to a friend.

loan a book to a friend

2. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Volunteer at animal shelter

3. Cook a homemade meal for someone.

Cooking dinner

4. Give to a good cause.

Salvation Army

5. Let someone keep the change.

Keep the change

6. Volunteer at a senior center.

Senior Center

7. Smile at a stranger.

People on London Tube

8. Let someone cut ahead of you in traffic.


9. Tell someone you love him or her.

Love her

10. Leave a big tip.

Big tip for a coffee

11. Love the people you can be crazy with.

Crazy friends

12. Give lunch to a homeless person with a positive note attached.

feeding the homeless

13. Make a store clerk smile.

Happy barista

14. Send a handwritten appreciation/thank-you note to someone in your life.

Thank You

15. Pay for the person behind you in line (coffee, food, etc.).

Line at the coffee shop

16. Tell your friends how much they mean to you.

Friends talking

17. Send flowers to your partner for no reason.

Woman getting flowers

18. Pick up trash in a park.

Picking up trash in a park

19. Be a good listener for someone.

Two friends talking

20. Make your co-workers laugh.

Laughing at work

21. Be the cream in someone’s coffee.

Coffee with a heart made of cream
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