Written by : Margaret H. Greenberg 

Working From Anywhere in the World

The year was 1997. I had just launched The Greenberg Group. If you had told me that twenty-two years later all of my files would be stored in a cloud, I wouldn’t need a land-line phone, and I would be coaching and leading workshops virtually using something called Zoom, I would have said you’ve been watching too much Star Trek.

All of these changes over the last two decades have made it possible for me to embark on a yearlong “Work-from-Anywhere-in-the-World.” I’m letting my speaking, teaching and other workshop commitments guide where in the world my husband and I will go. Of course, I’ll be writing about this experience regularly both here and on LinkedIn.

What’s Changing? I am working completely virtually, unless of course you invite me to speak or work with you in your city or country. What’s NOT Changing?  No, I am not retiring. I love what I do and am still committed to coaching talented leaders, doing inspiring keynotes and facilitating engaging leadership retreats/workshops around the world.

I will still be co-leading one of the top 12 positive psychology courses you can take online with Senia Maymin which starts October 14, as well as writing our next book and blogging here.

This week, I have two questions for you to think about. What have you been dreaming of doing? What is one small step you can take this week to realize your dream?

I hope our paths continue to cross, either virtually or in-person.

Cheers to living our dreams!

Where in the World is Margaret H. Greenberg?

As of today, we have about half of the year covered:

August: East coast U.S.A. (Virginia, New Jersey and Maine).

September: We will be in Paris and Italy.

October: East coast U.S.A.  (Hartford, Philadelphia and Rockville, MD).

November: Texas and Virginia.

December: Sunny Florida.

January:  Hopefully somewhere that has great snow for skiing.

February: TBD

March:  Mexico City and Monterrey Mexico.

April – July: TBD

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