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33 Ways to Be Happier at Work

1. Commit a random act of kindness for a co-worker every day.

2. Watch Working Girl.

3. Take a five-minute meditation break.

4. Read Real Happiness at Work by Sharon Salzberg.

5. Write down three things you love about your current work situation.

6. Fact: Individuals who are flourishing at work are more productive.

7. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”—Confucius

8. Listen to “Roar” by Katy Perry.

9. Meet a friend for lunch instead of eating at your desk.

10. Read Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being by Martin E.P. Seligman.

11. Watch Jerry Maguire.

12. Smile. Right now. Even if nobody is looking.

13. Set five work goals you’d like to accomplish this month.

14. Fact: Cheerful workers earn 30 percent more than their less cheerful counterparts.

15. Read Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide by Caroline Miller.

16. “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”—Theodore Roosevelt

17. Read Take Your Soul to Work by Erica Brown.

18. Post positive images (or pictures that make you smile) in your workspace.

19. Watch Erin Brockovich.

20. Fact: Individuals with a positive work identity show high levels of flourishing.

21. Listen to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

22. Enroll in a seminar on a topic you find interesting.

23. Fact: Happier workers make better decisions.

24. Read Flourishing in Life, Work and Careers by Ronald J. Burke.

25. Gather a team of co-workers and sign up for a Habitat for Humanity project.

26. Listen to “Welcome to Wherever You Are” by Bon Jovi.

27. “This is the real secret in life—to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”—Alan W. Watts

28. Fact: Employees who score high in the area of life satisfaction receive higher feedback ratings from customers.

29. Take a break at least once every 90 minutes to stretch and get away from your desk.

30. Read The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work by Christine Carter, Ph.D.

31. Watch Joy.

32. Mentor a younger co-worker.

33. Fact: Workers who are engaged and flourishing are more likely to participate in pro-social activities.

Paula Felps is the science editor for Live Happy magazine.

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