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What Makes the Live Happy Team Happy?

Happiness follows a different path for each of us. Some people are happy skydiving or jumping off of bridges (What!?!). While others like to fish, knit, sing or build a robot. I find my happiness in quieter spots, while others thrive on noise and movement. We are individuals and our happiness-print is as individual as our fingerprints.

I am happiest when I’m being attacked by three little children (my own specifically). Their attempts to tickle mommy have me laughing much harder than the tickle itself. I love talking with my husband, reading a good book (or even a bad one), chatting with my mom and having some girl-time with my amazing friends.

Here are some of the ways my co-workers here at Live Happy find their flow:

I am happiest when I am actively engaged in what I'm doing – work, laughing with friends, being with family. But fully present – as though everything else falls away and all that exists is the moment I am in. 

People make me happy. My grandmother, my sisters, cousins and girlfriends, our dog (yes, she is a person). I’m happy being with my husband, and our kids, biking the Iowa countryside, volunteering, gardening, making a huge holiday dinner.

Joy is what is given to me through faith.  All of the ways it can manifest in my life, through my son, through my family and friends, through the simple thought of taking the time to think how beautiful the sky is today. 

A perfectly cooked, medium-rare ribeye. A beautiful Cabernet. Warm sand and salt water. Spending time with my sweetheart. Preferentially all at the same time (or the same day!), but I'll take them individually, too!

I’m happy watching the wonderment and magic in my young daughter’s eyes when she discovers something new. It could be something as simple as seeing a ladybug for the first time or running in the rain. I think it is refreshing to go back and relive these experiences from a child’s perspective, so we don’t take everything so seriously that we can’t stop and appreciate life. Oh … and pizza. Pizza also makes me happy.

I think it’s obvious that the Live Happy Team loves our families, friends and food. We really love our food.

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