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The Happy Guy

I didn’t realize that so many people saw me as happy. True, I prefer to smile instead of frown, and I seek the best in people and situations rather than the worst. And I love to laugh. (In fact, I’ve been told no one laughs harder at my jokes than me!)

As I told everyone I was becoming the CEO and co-founder of a new company called Live Happy, without pause, their reaction was the same: “You are perfect for that.”

One close friend said to me, “Kym, from now on you will be known as ‘The Happy Guy.’ ” I looked at him and nodded. Eventually, if you love what you do and you’re good at it, you will become known as that guy. Of all the labels I could have, I’ll take that one, and I’ll take full responsibility for it.

Though already humming along, with a national magazine as rich and inspiring as it is beautiful, and a vibrant website covering all angles of happiness, Live Happy is still in its nascent stage. I am so excited about everything we have in store for you in the coming weeks and months, including a new clothing line, events and community outreach programs.

It is a supreme honor to work with the truly gifted and accomplished staff here at Live Happy. Deborah Heisz, our COO and co-founder, and Karol DeWulf Nickell, editor in chief, bring decades of experience and tremendous talent to Live Happy, ensuring you have the guidance you need to experience authentic happiness.

And, without exception, every one of us here at Live Happy feels privileged to work with you to make our planet a happier place.

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