Written by : Kym Yancey, CEO and Co-Founder of Live Happy 

Spontaneous Hospitality

I had just spent the day at the Sacramento Women’s Expo where I was a keynote presenter on the topic of “Living Happy.” My wife Sandra and I had dinner after the conference and were walking around a charming area called Old Sacramento when we were both struck with a craving for something sweet. We set off looking for a spot to grab a late-night dessert.

After several unsuccessful tries, we were beginning to get desperate. I checked online and found a place called The Kitchen with incredible reviews, only a few minutes away.

At first, locked out

When we got there, there was no sign on the door, but we could see the place was packed. We grab the door handle to go in and—it’s locked! The others inside looked out at us and we quickly realize this must be a private gathering of some sort. Oh well, we thought, this just isn’t going to be our night.

As we walk away, the door opens and a waiter comes out. We tell him our predicament. He explains the restaurant is single-seating: everyone arrives at the same time for a multicourse farm-to-table meal (for which they’ve reserved months in advance). No walk-ins.

Then welcomed warmly

We were almost to our car when the general manager scrambles up behind us and invites us back in for dessert—his treat. We were stunned. Of course we accepted his kind offer and followed him into the restaurant. The dessert was outstanding—a rich, satisfying panna cotta made with local ingredients. But what meant the most to us was the spontaneous outpouring of kindness to hungry strangers in a new city. Needless to say, we left a generous tip, as well as our hearts, in Sacramento.

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