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The Happiness Holidays

In every issue of Live Happy, you’ll find fun and topical answers to our survey question. This month, we asked, “How will you make others happy during the holidays?” The top three answers are:

  1. Be present.
  2. Make, bring or share food!
  3. Do something unexpected.

Be Present:

“Being present instead of giving presents.” – Doris A. 

“It’s about taking time to be with family and friends. My Dad always said ‘Be kind.’ I try to remember that even more at this time of year.” – Shelby K. 

“By making others’ wishes come true.” – Ivette O. 

“By simply being present. I lost my father this year. But my family and I were with him at his bedside, so I know the power and importance of being there.” – Matt S. 

“Tell them you love them!” – Laurie K.

Make, bring or share food:

“Have everyone bring comfort food to a gathering. Something that has been made since before we were born. How else do you explain the gelatin stuff?” – Jeanette M.

“Feed them!” – Kristye H.

“Friends, books and food.” – Chantal G.

“Cookies, brownies and anything sweet!” – Richard S.

Do something unexpected:

“Haul the kids to the grandparents, then leave them there." – Robert C.

“I let my grandkids decorate my Christmas tree with whatever they want. Two years ago it was full of hair ribbons, last year it was sports items. They’re talking about Legos this year.” – Jean E. 

“My kids, nieces and nephews dress up in vintage Christmas attire and go caroling. Where they sing and to whom they sing to is random. Everyone loves it.” – Irene S. 

“Greeting—or at least smiling at—people I pass on the street.” – Cathy B.

“Random acts of Santa each day will keep me focused on others.” – Ellen H. 

Here are some of your answers that didn’t make it into our Premiere Issue.

Making yourself happy is a good start. – Kyle K.                          

Exude positivity and enthusiasm! Having the right people at your holiday party or dinner can make or break the mood of the entire event! – Sandra B.         

Cook a big meal – actually a couple! Make new traditions with your own family. Invest in good decorations and add to them every year. – Heather C.

Sing Christmas songs! It makes me happy–the kids may not agree with me… – Heather H.S.

Booze and presents. – Stephanie V.

Holidays end up being about the only time our whole extended family gets together. I am lucky to have a family that will laugh until they snort out their nose, hug you until you pass out. We all listen, we all care, we all make happiness together. – Jeanette M.

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