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31 Days of Sharing

We continue our Year of Happiness with 31 days of sharing. Pick and choose your favorite ideas from our list of things to do, watch, read, contemplate… and share!

1. “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”  ―Dalai Lama

2. Read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

3. Listen and watch the "Sharing Song" by Jack Johnson.

4. Share your favorite recipe with Foodily

5. Donate.

6. “We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.” ―Billy Graham

7. Share a parable.

8. Watch Rachel Botsman’s TED Talk on the case for collaborative consumption. 

9. How does a penguin build a house? Igloos it together!

10. Read Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems.

11. Listen to "Let’s Share" by Renee & Jeremy.

12. Watch Pay it Forward.

13. Teach someone to fish.

14. Share you knowledge with the world through the iTunes U app. 

15. “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” ―W. Clement Stone

16. Read Mine! by Shutta Crum.

17. Watch Freedom Writers.

18. “Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” ―Brian Tracy

19. Share your skills in your community.

20. Download MyFitnessPal and share your goals.

21. Read Snow in Jerusalem by Albert Whitman.

22. “Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.” ―Bernard Meltzer

23. What kind of shoes does a panda wear? None! He has bear feet!

24. Host a neighborhood potluck.

25. Two muffins are sitting in an oven. One turns to the other and says, “Is it getting hot in here?” The other says, “Holy smoke! A talking muffin!”

26. “In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” ―Khalil Gibran

27. Watch The Blind Side.

28. Read The Power of Giving by Azim Jamal and Harvey McKinnon.

29. “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”  ―Charlotte Brontë

30. Read Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Suess.

31. Read more ideas on sharing and come back in April for our 30 ideas of laughter.

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