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MapMyRun is a multifunctional app that features more than 600 activities, including sponsored challenges, calorie tracking, route mapping with GPS and real-time stats on the screen and in your ear. It even lets you know when it’s time for a new pair of shoes. Now powered by fitness apparel giant Under Armour, the MapMyFitness network of apps boasts 30 million registered users. (Free with upgrade options on iOS and Android.)

Zombies, Run! mixes fitness with freaky fun. If traditional running routines bore you, then this app will keep you on the run. With virtual Zombies all around you, you are immersed into a world of survival in which you are given instructions and tasks through your headphones to help you navigate the terrain. Join 1 million other runners and escape your workout without becoming lunch for the walking dead. ($3.99 on iOS and Android.)

Nike+ Running keeps you in the race no matter what your skill level. From marathon runners to weekend joggers, you can track your progress, plan routes and check health stats with this handy fitness app. What’s more, you can stay motivated with your very own real-time cheering section from your social network. (Free on iOS and Android.)

Couch to 5K is the ultimate running app for beginners. With virtual trainers and easy and slow-paced workouts, you’ll be race ready for your first 5K in about nine weeks. Like most GPS-based running apps, you’ll be able to keep track of your stats and listen to music while incrementally stepping up your running game in a safe way. ($1.99 on iOS and Android.)

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