Written by : Logan Ward 

LifeMap: A GPS for the Soul

Life is a journey. You can follow the crowd, or you can challenge yourself by charting a more purposeful course. But how does one find meaning, while avoiding the obstacles and diversions along the way?

Life Reimagined LifeMap, the first research-based, step-by-step tool for navigating the path to personal fulfillment, is a kind of GPS for life’s transitions. Whether you’re asking, “what’s next?”and hoping to make a change, or looking to do more of what’s already working, the program offers the tools to achieve personalized well-being in a simple, accessible, small-steps process that is supported by the science of behavior change.

Build your action plan, get coached

Beginning with free card-sorting exercises to help you create your own purpose statement, web-based LifeMap allows you to think about weighty topics in an accessible, fun way. Questions about who you want to be and what you want to have more or less of in your life lead to online tasks, video tutorials and reminders to help you stay on track.

You build an action plan to achieve your goals around work, relationships and well-being. Feeling stuck? Trained guides and coaches are available to offer advice and encouragement. “All the top athletes and CEOs have coaches to encourage them and pick them up when they stumble,” says sociologist and Life Reimagined thought leader Christine Whelan, Ph.D. LifeMap makes personal coaching affordable for people of all ages, backgrounds, interests and income levels.

Putting a plan into action

Interior designer Paige Lendrum Hill, 52, is using the program to navigate changes in her life, including a difficult divorce and a move last year from the Washington suburbs to St. Augustine, Florida, where she’s struggling to build a new client base for her company, Elysian Design Studio.

“The exercises focus my attention and make me think,” she says. “I like that.” More specifically, Paige says, “I’m a bit of a procrastinator and need help with motivation and energy.” To that end, LifeMap’s action plan helped the designer set some energy-generating fitness goals and directed her toward specific programs.

Inspiration and motivation

One of Paige's mentors is trainer Patricia Moreno,the creative force behind Sati Life, a training regimen that combines mental, physical, emotional and spiritual elements. After watching Patricia’s 10-minute intenSati video through LifeMap, Paige was hooked. “Patricia’s terrific—engaging and inspiring. I feel totally energized when I’m done,” she says.

“The overall concept of LifeMap is great,” Paige says. “It’s thought-provoking and easy to manage, even if you’re not computer savvy. The program is not about giving you answers. It’s about coaching you to make good decisions for yourself based on your specific needs. LifeMap leads you down a path and helps you engage with your goals.”

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