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6 Steps to a Happy Monday

Poor Mondays. The black sheep day of the week, they always get a bad rap.

Here are six tips to help you love, instead of dread, Mondays.

1. Don’t buy into the Monday hype

If you believe Mondays are terrible, you might look for little things to prove your case. You stub your toe in the morning and automatically think, “Yep, here we go, this whole day is going to be a disaster.” How can you enjoy your Monday if you think Mondays are doomed? Don’t program your brain to scan for the bad stuff. Change your outlook to view Monday as the start of your spectacular week.

2. Make Mondays easier

What can you do on Sunday to make your Monday go more smoothly? Put outfits out for the kids ahead of time? Make a dish in the slow cooker to heat up Monday evening? Make sure your fridge it stocked up? Review your calendar for the week on Sunday night and make your to-do list for the week. Then get a good night’s sleep so you can start the week refreshed. 

3. Identify why you don't like Mondays

If your stomach is in knots on Monday morning because you dread going to work, or you desperately wish you had a different job, it’s going to be tough to convince you to give your Monday some love. Do a gut check to identify the current obstacles to your everyday happiness and come up with a game plan to change your circumstances.

4. Create Monday momentum

Mondays are the blank slate of your week. What project can you tackle and accomplish on Monday to start your week super-charged? What would your day look like if you felt fabulous at the end of it? Maybe a good workout at the beginning of your day would set the momentum, or cleaning out your desk or a closet so you feel fresh and organized for the days ahead.

5. Fuel your happiness with anticipation

If Mondays are a struggle, schedule some things on your weekly calendar that you look forward to with anticipation, like a special date night or a fun family outing. Buy a new book you are excited to devour. Plan a call with a friend you haven’t talked to in ages. Anticipation helps fuel happiness, so incorporate it into your day.

6. Turn Monday into Funday.

Are there certain things you never do on Monday because it’s Monday? Maybe you never go out to dinner, or you rarely work from a coffee shop. Do something on Monday that will make it not feel like Monday. Bring breakfast treats into your office for everyone. Go to a movie with your spouse. Just doing something differently on Mondays can give you a happier feel.

How do you perk up your Mondays? Let us know below or on our Facebook page.

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