Written by : Joseph Cardillo, Ph.D. 

3 Quick Energy Boosts You Can Use Anytime

One thing we all want is an increase in high-quality energy. This is especially true when everyone is constantly trying to squeeze more out of you. It’s easy to find yourself reaching for that third cup of coffee before you even walk out the door in the morning. But wait!

We’ve all experienced those high-quality energy moments of perfect flow, when you feel at the top of your game. These are moments when you are so into what you are doing, you aren’t even thinking about the task at hand; you just love it. Instead of feeling drained by the activity, you are energized, happy and satisfied you have performed your best. So where does this energy come from and how can you get more?

Body intelligence is key

Body intelligence helps you identify, harness and activate the energy you need to generate flowing experiences. This allows you to mix and match the right energy with the right activities in your life for higher-energy days. Your body is an incredibly intelligent machine. It works like an antenna capable of drawing energy from everything in its environment, including from within.

For example, a weightlifter trying to lift 350 pounds has to tap into a different energy than a violinist playing a beautiful melody or a student trying to solve a difficult math equation. Body intelligence, essentially, refers to you and your awareness and ability to harness your body’s full energy spectrum.

What you gain with body intelligence

Practicing body intelligence allows you to figure out your daily energy needs. You replace energy drains with energy gains. You replenish energy while you use it so you always feel refreshed, perform your best, get better sleep, and wake up happy and ready to greet the day.

Three energy bites to get started

  1. Beat midday slump. Instead of reaching for caffeine when your body is actually craving vitamin D and you’re dragging, refresh your blood chemistry with a short walk outdoors. The exercise and fresh air will revitalize you and the sunlight will melt away the melatonin (the hormone responsible for grogginess) in your bloodstream.
  2. Discover healthy environmental energies. Next time you’re outdoors, mindfully observe various sights, sounds, scents and other sensory details. When you feel a jolt of negativity or positivity, ask yourself, “What just happened?” Be specific. Can you identify why you are feeling this way? Ponder what reaction you would prefer to have in the future.
  3. Shift into a positive mood fast. Give your brain a good-mood neurococktail by looking at a photo of a loved one that you carry in your wallet or cellphone. For an extra boost, smile at your photo as you absorb the healthy currents into your body.

For more on the mind and body connection, be sure to look for more of Dr. Cardillo's columns on harnessing healthy energy in the future.

JOSEPH CARDILLO, PH.D., is an inspirational speaker and sought-after expert on energy teaching. He is the best-selling author of Body Intelligence: Harness Your Body’s Energies for Your Best Life. He has taught his methods to more than 20,000 students at various institutions. Visit josephcardillo.com or follow him on Facebook, Joseph Cardillo, Ph.D., and Twitter @DrMindFitness.

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