Written by : Taking Gratitude Back to School With Ash Manuel 

Taking Gratitude Back to School With Ash Manuel

As kids (and teachers) head back to school, what if they started focusing on subjects like gratitude, kindness and empathy? This week’s guest, Ash Manuel, left his teaching career after discovering positive psychology and set out on a mission to change how children learn. Now, his Growing with Gratitude program is a global positive education program that helps build and protect children’s mental well-being.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Ash became interested in positive psychology.
  • How he has applied his teaching skills to develop the Growing with Gratitude program.
  • What he hopes to accomplish by taking gratitude into classrooms.

Links and Resources

Register for the free 3rd Annual World’s Biggest Gratitude Lesson LIVE online event here.

Order Ash’s Growing with Gratitude book.

Access the FREE Growing with Gratitude Resource Library with activities, teaching notes, downloadable templates and more.


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