Written by : Paula Felps 

Healing the Bullied Brain With Jennifer Fraser

Bullying is a huge issue for kids today, and as we go back to school, many children are dreading having to face that challenge every day. This week’s guest, Jennifer Fraser, PhD, is author of the powerful new book, The Bullied Brain: Heal Your Scars and Restore Your Health. Jennifer is an award-winning educator whose online courses and workshops teach the impact of neuroscience on personal development and culture change. In her latest book, she breaks down how bullying affects our brains and, more importantly, she tells us how to help our brains heal from that trauma.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What happens to our brains when they are being bullied.
  • How society has normalized bullying from adults — and why it’s so important to stop that cycle.
  • Steps to take to address bullying in schools and the workplace.

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