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Becoming a Happy Leader With Tia Graham

Not everyone feels that work and happiness go hand in hand. But in this episode, Tia Graham — a certified Chief Happiness Officer, founder of the company Arrive at Happy, and author of the new book, Be a Happy Leader — explains the importance of leading with happiness. Tia has multiple certifications in neuroscience, positive psychology and leadership coaching, and she works with executives and teams to help create happier workplaces. This week, she talks about how we all can find more happiness at work.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why happiness is such an important part of being a leader.
  • The high cost of unhappiness and stress in the workplace.
  • How to manage your job if you work for an unhappy leader.


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Download a free chapter of her book: https://www.arriveathappy.com/pop-up-download

Follow along with this episode’s transcript by clicking here.


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