Written by : Paula Felps 

Developing Your Intuition With Kim Chestney

Intuition is something we’re all born with, but somewhere along the way, the noise of the outside world can drown out our inner voice. Or we forget to stop “listening to our gut.” But learning to listen to our intuition can improve virtually every aspect of our lives and help take mindfulness to the next level. This week’s guest, Kim Chestney, is an expert on intuition and author of the new book, Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power. She explains how tapping into our intuition can change our lives — and what we can do to start.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to learn to listen to your intuition.
  • How to tune into and develop your intuition.
  • Why insightfulness is the next step beyond mindfulness.


Links and Resources

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