Written by : Make Work Your Playground With Andrea Goeglein 

Make Work Your Playground With Andrea Goeglein

Andrea Goeglein, Ph.D., also known as Dr. Success, is an author, speaker and executive coach who uses the practices of positive psychology to manifest success in the business world. Having worked as an entrepreneur as well as the executive level, Andrea uses her experience to teach business leaders how to implement the principles of positive psychology to find both personal fulfillment and greater career success with her Las Vegas-based company, Serving Success. Andrea joins Science Editor Paula Felps to discuss how positivity and character strengths can lead to personal success, as well as other top secrets that lead to a flourishing life.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How success and positivity can flourish together
  • Why it’s important to use your character strengths at work
  • Adversity can be a catalyst to change

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