Written by : Looking Inward With Laird Hamilton 

Looking Inward With Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton plays a lot of roles in his life: surfing legend, fitness and nutrition expert, entrepreneur, TV host, model, stuntman, husband and father, just to name a few. No matter what Laird is doing, he uses five key pillars to guide his actions and improve his life. His new book, Liferider: Heart, Body, Soul and Life Beyond the Ocean, explains those five pillars and how each of us can use them. Laird joins us on the Live Happy Now podcast to explain how he developed his inward-looking viewpoint and why he values his connection to nature.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why death and fear can be our greatest teachers
  • The importance of connecting with nature
  • Why we need to understand that everything is connected

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