Written by : Paula Felps 

Happy Child Summit With Renee Jain

If you have a child, teach a child or have been a child, then you’ll want to hear what Renee Jain has to say on this week’s episode of Live Happy Now. Renee, the founder of GoZen!, developed her company to help children deal with anxiety as well as building life skills to find meaning, purpose and engagement in their lives. On April 8–11, in conjunction with Live Happy, GoZen! Will present the Happy Child Summit, a free online experience designed to help adults and children better understand how to use the tools that lead to happiness in childhood (and beyond).

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Renee to start GoZen!
  • The importance of equipping children with resilience skills
  • How you can sign up to attend the Happy Child Summit


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