Written by : Garry McDaniel 

Dog Days of Happiness

Our lives have become so hectic. We worry about where we need to be tomorrow, stress over what we didn’t accomplish yesterday and are too distracted to be fully present now. If our canine companions could talk, they would advise us to live in the moment by following five strategies.

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1. Live Your Purpose

Dogs understand that their purpose is to be our loyal friends and protectors. Are you clear on what your purpose is in life? Determine your priorities. Let your purpose shine in everything you do as a friend, parent, artist or whatever drives your passion.

2. Be Present

When dogs are with you, they are with you; they are not multitasking. We should be as considerate as our dogs. Put down the phone, turn off the computer and focus on the people around you. Listen, reflect, ask questions and share your thoughts in more than a short tweet.

3. Be ChildlikeTwo kids with a puppy on the grass

When out for a walk, my dog takes an interest in every person, dog or object he meets. As a child, you had a similar sense of wonder, everything was new and worth investigating. Notice the beauty around you and try something new today!

4. Be Playful

My dog never tires of playing fetch, rolling in the grass or playing tug-of-war with his rope toy. When is the last time you played just for the sake of it? Move your body, dance, sing, throw the ball, have fun and do not be afraid to look silly.

5. Do It NOW

Humans think if we work 10–12 hours a day, someday we will slow down and enjoy life. That sunset is happening now. Your family members need to be told they are loved now. Our dogs would tell us that life is short and we should enjoy the present!

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Garry McDaniel and Sharon Massen are authors of The Dog’s Guide to Your Happiness: Seven Secrets for a Better Life from Man’s Best Friend. Visit happydogsecrets.com and share what you have learned from your dog that has enhanced your view on personal, family or professional life and relationships.

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