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7 Free Gifts Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

You don’t have to deplete your bank account to make Mother’s Day feel special. Here are seven ideas to make this year’s holiday memorable by doing something mom will love, that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Write a letter

Everyone likes to know that they matter. Let your mom know how much she means to you by writing a letter that comes from the heart. Tell her what she means to you. If you think you are the kind of person who can’t write, just grab a piece of paper and get started. Writer’s block or a lack of ideas often comes from overthinking. A handwritten letter is a loving gift that lasts a lifetime. Go further and make it into a keepsake if you like: Use beautiful stationery, roll it and tie it in a ribbon. 

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Make a video

What once required skills and equipment can now be done by anyone with a cellphone! Just take a video of yourself and others talking about what your mom means to you and why you love her. Share a favorite story or memory. You can post it on Facebook for family and friends to see, and share their positive thoughts, too, or you can send it to your mom privately.

Plan a special walk

Walking inspires creativity, but it also enhances communication. Enjoy the physical benefits of walking while you connect emotionally with meaningful conversation, which will flow more effortlessly. Make your leisure time together even more significant by selecting a location that is beautiful or has a special meaning. Walk at sunset or by the water. Hike together in the woods, or go to an arboretum.

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Take a picture

We all wish we could slow down time, but since no one has that figured out yet, take a picture of your mother and you to freeze time for a moment. Consider taking a picture outside in natural light, in front of a beautiful backdrop that can be a keepsake for years to come. Wear matching white shirts if you want that look. Gather family together to join in or just take a picture of the two of you. Make it your wallpaper on your mother’s phone, computer monitor or have it printed (okay, that costs a little bit of money).

Shower her with love

Reach out to people in your mom’s circle and ask them to share their thoughts on why your mom means so much to them. You can collect those thoughts and share them with your mom in a card or you can round up people to call her all day to shower her with love. This gift is a way to orchestrate the love of a family reunion (and friends, too) without all the logistics of travel.  

Help her with a project

While this gift might not be fancy like a day at the spa, doing a special spring cleaning projects at your mom’s house can be a huge help—a real “gift.” Clean out her fridge. Help her declutter the garage. Collect books or magazines for her that she’d like to donate. Do some weeding or gardening. Ask her how you could help her most so you can provide real benefits where she lives every day. 

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Spend some “together” time

How often do you and your mom get uninterrupted time just to talk? Make some tea, put those beeping phones away and sit down together for a substantive chat. In the busyness of life we sometimes forget the power that conversation can have on our happiness and how much it means to mom (and you). Play cards, scrabble, hang out and read together, or just catch up and talk.

In the end it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on Mother’s Day as long as you let mom know how much you love her.

Sandra Bienkowski is a regular contributor to Live Happy and the founder and CEO of TheMediaConcierge.net.

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