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Library—Happier at Home

September 2012

Three Rivers Press

In her book, Happier at Home, this best-selling author and the subject of our February 2014 cover story, embarks on her second happiness project—discovering what heightens happiness at home. Realizing that home is the most crucial element impacting her happiness, Gretchen explores a different aspect of home from September to May including everything from possessions to parenthood. Using memoir-style anecdotes and research, Gretchen studies what makes home life happier and shares hundreds of happiness takeaways. Embrace good smells. Harness the power of routine to accomplish tasks. Practice nonrandom acts of kindness. 

With both of her books, Gretchen hopes to inspire people to start their own projects and encourages readers to start with the questions: What makes you feel good? What activities do you find satisfying or energizing?

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