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Happiness Library: Flow


Harper Perennial Modern Classics

This classic text by one of the pioneers of positive psychology defines the term “flow” and explores whether we can slip into this blissful state of consciousness at will, or at least more often. By its very nature, flow is difficult to adequately describe, yet many of us have experienced it. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D., tells us that flow is an ecstatic state of mind, achieved when one is joyfully absorbed in a task. Often artists and other creative workers are able to enter flow, but almost any task, hobby or other pastime can inspire it. By understanding flow better, we can learn to beckon it more often. Prospective readers should know that Flow is not a casual read. Its 240 pages require concentration, but if you are able to enter the flow state more often, the commitment is worth it.—

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