Written by : What are your top five character strengths? 

What are your top five character strengths?

People who know and use their character strengths tend to lead healthier and happier lives, forge stronger relationships, and have a greater sense of accomplishment, according to years of research by leading positive psychologists. Finding out what strengths you already have and learning where you need improvement can help you see who you are as a person as well as the person you can become.

The VIA Survey of Character Strengths, consisting of 240 carefully designed statements for you to agree or disagree with, is uniquely configured to find out where your character strengths lie. The process is easy and only takes about 15 minutes. The results page will instantly calculate your top five greatest character strengths. For instance, if humor is your top strength, you generally like to laugh and try to see the light side of a situation—even if it’s a gloomy one. Making people smile is important to you. If your top strength is perspective, people most likely come to you for sage advice and appreciate your outlook on life. They may even say you are wise beyond your years.

Drs. Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson designated 24 character strengths they believe to be the formula for human flourishing. Curiosity, bravery, zest for life…we all have them. Throughout time, and even in the most remote parts of the world, you can find these universal traits that explain who we are when we are at our best.

The VIA Signature Strength Survey can be found on AuthenticHappiness.org, an online resource center from the University of Pennsylvania where more than two million people worldwide have participated in surveys and questionnaires regarding signature strengths. It is free, and it not only provides data for researchers to continue developing their theories on well-being, but it also gives you knowledge and tools to use on your own path to happiness.

Take the test and come back and tell us what your top 5 strengths are in the comment section below.

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