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More Than a Thousand Thanks

Happy Activists in 17 different countries shared in a collective act of humanity to spread happiness across the world. By surpassing our goal of more than 1300 Happiness Walls, more people than ever were affected by Live Happy’s #HappyActs campaign and felt the ripple of positivity. Each person who participated did so out of the goodness of their own heart, sacrificing their time and even their own resources to let the world know that kindness always wins. It takes a special person to carry the mission of spreading joy, and for that effort, we at Live Happy are eternally grateful.

We asked our Wall hosts to share with us their experiences this year at their Happiness Walls, and this is what they had to say:

Why did you decide to become a Happiness Wall Host?

“To encourage our students to spread kindness throughout the school building.”—Denise H., Mattydale, New York

“I believe in and want to support the mission of making the world a happier place. I had such a great experience last year participating at a Wall that I thought I would take a step up and out to see if I could find a place to put up a Wall myself.”—Susan C., Mt. Prospect, Illinois

“Our location was across from our county courthouse. We know not all events there are happy. But even the "not happy" events can be a beginning. We were the reminder that happiness can be shared easily.”—Cindy N., Olathe, Kansas

“I love spreading joy, kindness and happiness to others. And because as a Mom, it is truly what I preach to my kids each and every day. When I drop them off at school I tell them that I love them, and that I want them to do their best and to always be kind to others!”—Maria B., Syracuse, New York

What impact did hosting a Happiness Wall have on you and those around you?

“After hosting the first one, I felt like I was walking on air three feet off the ground. This gives me so much joy, which shines from my face like beams of light. It is contagious and is reflected in everyone nearby.”— Sharon H., Fenton, Michigan

“It helped me support my coworkers and neighbors and brought enjoyment to me. A little kindness goes a long way and I think new hires in our work environment were able to glean from the Happiness Wall.”—Winifried F., Addison, Texas

“It made a HUGE impact in my community. I hosted at my local gym and got tons of positive feedback from the clients! Lots of wonderful happy acts and kindness!”— Celeste A., Canton, Georgia

“My most memorable moments were watching how eager the kids were to share and how open they are to make sure others were happy.”—Jennifer B., Holtville, Alabama

“Our wall had affirmations, confirmations and admiration from all ages! Children even participated and were excited about the opportunity to do good for someone else! The Happiness Wall brings awareness and spreads joy in our communities that lasts a lifetime!”—Linda F., Shelburne, Vermont

What was the most memorable moment at your Happiness Wall event?

“For me this year it was very personal. I was left to set up the wall by myself, so I recruited one of my sons and two grandsons (ages 12 and 14) to help me. I had not been able to get their support before. When we had things set up, they started playing with the frisbees and other balls I have available for guests who show up. When they had to leave they said, ‘Memaw, this is really neat and we had fun. Can we help you next year?’”—Connie H., Tyler, Texas

“The happiness wall definitely helped to lighten our school's atmosphere and brought those who put together and other activities (including myself) closer.”—Nathan S., Guam, USA

“I guess that it happened when we finished with eight meters of a Happiness Wall full of happy thoughts.”—Elizabeth B., Bogota, Colombia

“We met an elderly gentleman and his face lit up as he peered into the gathering room at the coffee house and the energy around the #Happy Acts wall. He joined us with his coffee and we learned so much about him in the hour or so that he stayed to chat. He recently lost his daughter to cancer in October last year and loved sharing about her.”—Mary F., Long Valley, New Jersey

Just because the International Day of Happiness is behind us, doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating. We encourage everyone to host a Happiness Wall any time of the year and experience great feeling of spreading in your community. Trust us and thousands of Happy Activists, when we say you’ll be glad you did.

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