Written by : Margaret H. Greenberg 

Is it Time to Reinvent Yourself?

This month in my “Work-from-Anywhere-in-the-World” journey, I am posting from beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France.

Here are this week’s coaching questions for you to consider:

What have you been meaning to reinvent about yourself?

What is one small step you will take this week to make it happen?

I asked these questions to two young women here in Paris. First,  Anastasia, whom I met at the Gardens in front of the Palais du Luxembourg, was on her honeymoon with her husband Dimitri. She says that when she returns home to Russia, “I don’t want to rush. I want to enjoy my life and my family.”

The second woman is my daughter Maegan who joined me on this trip to Paris for a picnic in the park. She says: “One thing I am going to do to reinvent myself is learning to just be. My mom says we are human beings, not human doers, so I am going to practice just learning to be.”

The small step she is going to do today is go to a café and just sit and enjoy the moment. “No phone, no book … just learn to just be.”

Now, think about these questions and let me know, how would you reply?

Au revoir and Live Happy,

Coach Margaret
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