Written by : Find Your Inner Warrior With This Yoga Pose 

Find Your Inner Warrior With This Yoga Pose

Yoga is an ancient Eastern practice that has made its way into modern Western culture. It helps people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, heart disease and even lessens the side effects of cancer treatments. Sustained poses, trained breathing and extreme focus all work in tandem to maximize the blissful benefits of this powerful practice.

Warrior II (or in Sanskrit Virabhadrasana II) is a classic beginner yoga pose. It builds strength in the arms, legs and spine. Combined with equal inhales and exhales, the breath warms the body and brings the focusinward. Matt Sanderson, founder of the Dallas-based mobile yoga studio, Yogis On The Go, says Warrior II is a “physical external pose that strengthens quads and, if done correctly, the lower back and core as well. All yoga poses promote balance, but the warrior poses are great for both strength and balance,too.”


Start by setting your stance 3 feet apart. Point your right foot straight ahead first and bend your right knee. Keep your left leg straight with your left foot parallel to the back of your mat. Keep back foot flat on the ground.

Stretch right arm in front of you and the left behind you with your fingers out. Keep your spine (or back) straight as you extend your arms. Turn your gaze toward your right fingertips.

Hold form for one minute with equal inhales and exhales, and then repeat on the other side.

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