Written by : Donna Stokes 

5th International Day of Happiness a Big Success

To celebrate the fifth annual International Day of Happiness this year, Live Happy helped facilitate the construction of 97 walls in cities all over the country and in some parts of the world, including in schools, businesses and organizations. Here is a peek at just a few of the celebrations that gathered around the signature bright-orange walls, which have become beacons for fun and joy, as well as a place where people can express how they will share happiness.

Merriment in Miami

At the World Happiness Summit in Miami from March 17–19, Live Happy’s bright-orange happiness wall was in the center of the action, with laughter and positive energy flowing all around. Attendees from around the world—including Kenya, Costa Rica, Colombia and Honduras—paused at the wall to relay how they like to share happiness.

America Sum (below, right), a nurse from New York, wrote “smile, love, hug” on her card, then placed it as high on the wall as she could reach. “It’s so important to raise awareness that we can live a happier life if we choose to,” America says. “It really is contagious. When one person starts doing it, so many others follow in kind.”

Saamdu Chetri, Ph.D., executive director of the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan, was at the summit for the governmental track. He says the Bhutanese celebrate the International Day of Happiness on March 20 by joining young people in parks, singing songs, dancing and doing service for others.

Delight in Dallas

Shoppers got more than just bargains on March 18 as Live Happy celebrated the International Day of Happiness in style at The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano, Texas. Good-mood tunes bounced throughout the mall, putting smiles on the faces of shopkeepers, power walkers and early morning yogis. Kids enjoyed face painting and hula-hoop contests and curious passers-by stopped to see what all the ruckus was about.

Social worker Glenna Klein was pleasantly surprised to find out about the International Day of Happiness because she believes the world can always use more happiness. “I think it’s pretty awesome,” Glenna says. “Every day should be a happy day. I’d be committed to that.” Her HappyAct is continuing to be open to the possibilities of what happiness can bring.

Laughter in Los Angeles

It was a brilliantly sunny Southern California day, and the smell of churros and funnel cakes wafted by the orange happiness wall that was filling up with brightly scrawled stickers.

“I will share happiness by…letting people lavish love on my puppy while we walk all day with our bestie,” wrote Susan (a sure formula for happiness). “Sharing my rescue dog with others as he is a big stress reducer to all,” read another. (Yes, people love their dogs in SoCal.)

Darcy promised to take part in a list of HappyActs that included: “Random acts of kindness, making art, saying hello, being a good neighbor, not flipping off rude drivers.” On a day like this, who could possibly have a bad attitude?

Story reported by Executive Editor Donna Stokes, Section Editor Chris Libby and Editor at Large Shelley Levitt.

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