Written by : How Plants Make Us Happier With Summer Rayne Oakes 

How Plants Make Us Happier With Summer Rayne Oakes

If you’re a regular listener of Live Happy Now, you already know that we’re big fans of nature. While we talk a lot about the value of getting out in nature, this week’s guest is all about bringing nature inside.

Summer Rayne Oakes is an environmental scientist and sustainability expert who focuses on health and wellness. Her YouTube channel and website are is designed to help people who live in the city become more attuned to nature, and her new book, How to Make Your Plant Love You, looks at how to bring nature inside for greater happiness and well-being. This week, Summer talks about what houseplants do for our well-being and how we can live in nature…even when we’re indoors. 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The physical, emotional and mental benefits of taking care of plants indoors.
  • The best plants for beginners and the do’s and don'ts of watering your plants.
  • How to become more attuned to nature in the city.

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