Written by : Derek Beckno 

Our Top 10 Happy Gifts

Winter is coming and you’re going to need to bring two things to your next holiday party: cheer and presents. Instead of spending hours searching for the perfect gift, take a look at what we think are some of the happiest gifts on the internet. These festive and fun items are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

1.  S’mores USB Heated Plush Slippers from ThinkGeek
Do your feet get cold? Do you want to keep your feet warm under your desk? Do you prefer your shoes to resemble smiling campfire treats? If you answered yes then you will love this USB charging, foot warming, forever smiling pair of kicks that will both warm your feet and your heart.

2. Happy Socks
Now if USB heated shoes aren’t enough to keep your toes toasty, then you probably should add another layer. Happysocks.com has a plethora of zany socks for everyone. If want to keep your feet warm with a touch of fun, check out their gear. They have socks that will bring smiles when they’re opened this holiday season.

3.  Happy Face Texting Gloves found at Etsy.com
Know someone who lives on their phone? Protect their fingers while they tweet, text, like and pin be able to continue updating their status while keeping their hands warm.

4.  Live Happy Hoodie
Live Happy has opened a Happy Gear store and cool weather is hoodie weather. Therefore, click on over to our happy store and keep the cold out while letting the world know you want to be happy.

5.  Smiling Plastic Bags found at Etsy.com
From keeping people warm to keeping food fresh, these lunch bags will add a smile to whatever you put in them. It’s the best way to play with your food. When you show up to your holiday party with a bag full of smiling cookies I’m sure everyone will let a grin spread across their faces.

6. Smiling Kitten Hat from ThinkGeek
Cats are perfectly designed for winter with their thick fur and already cool attitude. Taking a page from their book we found a way to keep your head (and heart) warm. Putting a smiling kitten on your loved one’s noggin would brighten your day and theirs.

7. Be Fulfilled Mug
When looking to warm up your insides, a tall cup of hot cocoa or coffee is one of the best things to reach for. Let us recommend one more of our new products! Give someone a befulfilled smiling Live Happy mug and share the joy.


8. Happy Books
A good book makes us feel warm inside and opens our mind to new ideas. Happier at Home  by Gretchen Rubin is about making small changes at home in order to create a happier household. This book chronicles Gretchen’s pursuit of home happiness and how it can be found in our daily lives. We also like the Happiness Project One Sentence Journal that enables you to document your happiness journey one day, and sentence, at a time.

9. Smiley face pan
Want to wake up like someone in a cartoon with your food singing and smiling at you? We can’t help you in the hunt for musically talented food, be we did find a way to put a smiling face on your pancakes. And let’s be honest, singing pancakes without smiling faces are terrifying, so Nordic Ware has taken care of the hard part, the rest is up to science.

10. Smiling iPhone Charger Stickers from UncommonGoods
After a long day of status updating, e-mailing, video watching and game playing our phones need a break. Breathe a little life into your charging set-up with these cheerful stickers. The set comes with 4 so keep one for yourself and share the silliness with your friends and family.

We hope you've enjoyed what we will be gifting this year and that we've inspired you to come up with some happy gifts of your own. Let us know what gifts you’ll be giving this season in order to spread holiday cheer.

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