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Our Thanks to You

It’s been a year since we started publishing Live Happy magazine and LiveHappy.com, and I can tell you, it’s been quite a fantastic beginning—thanks to you, our readers!

Your responses are all appreciated, and they’ve taught us three key things:

• You’re hungry for positive news in your life, and that’s what you get (and expect) from Live Happy.
• You want to know more about happiness and how it relates to your health, wellbeing, relationships and work.
• You want to be part of the happiness movement.

We understand the need for positive news, and we will continue to be your primary source for it. We enthusiastically embrace our role in translating both the latest and most relevant research from positive psychology and other sciences that relate to happiness and its impact on everyday life. And we will consistently connect you to the happiness movement through the content in every issue and on livehappy.com, at our events and via social media.

Here’s to a remarkable first year of Live Happy. We look forward to many others to come!

– Kym Yancey

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