Written by : Singing Through the Pandemic With The Marsh Family 

Singing Through the Pandemic With The Marsh Family

Music is a great tool for bringing people together, and during the days of lockdown, the Marsh Family from the UK began sharing song parodies to express what they were going through. As it turns out they were exactly what the world needed, and their viral videos now have received more than 30 million views. They were dubbed the “Von Trapped Family” by the New York Times, and in this episode of On a Positive Note, parents Ben and Danielle Marsh talk about how their family’s humorous approach to the pandemic helped them keep their own sanity while turning their family into a global sensation.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired them to start doing parodies.
  • How humor has helped them tackle tough topics.
  • How singing together has brought them closer as a family.

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