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New Friends Meet Here

One of my favorite things about being the editor of Live Happy is meeting people who care about happiness. From conversations with positive psychology expert Senia Maymin to talking with readers like you to a recent interview with Good News Broadcast’s Paul Sladkus, I encounter men and women who are smart, insightful, generous and good-humored about the subject.

Meeting author Gretchen Rubin was no exception. Gretchen’s top-selling books, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home, are well-known and loved. She, like her writing, is filled with life, curiosity and warmth. We spent a day together, along with photographer Michael Weschler and our camera crew, shooting our cover story about her at a studio in New York’s fashion district and at Central Park. Between wardrobe changes, lighting tests and cab rides, we talked about her journey from attorney to author, her upcoming third book, our shared Midwestern roots and our love of the roles of mother and sister. Whether you already know Gretchen or are meeting her for the first time, you’ll learn something new about “being Gretchen” in our feature written by Melissa Balmain.

Connecting people who care about happiness is what Live Happy is all about.”

Another friend of Live Happy is Shane Lopez, Ph.D., Gallup senior scientist and author of Making Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others. Shane researches hope on a global scale, but he’s as comfortable talking to 4-year-olds as he is to government officials or corporate executives. (I think he may prefer it.) Our story follows Shane for a day in Omaha, where he played with preschoolers at his future-imagining exhibit at the Omaha Children’s Museum, then worked with a very special fifth-grade class of hope-filled youngsters and also spoke to high-school teachers who are incorporating hope into their curriculum. Writer Shelley Levitt and photographer King Au capture Shane’s buoyant personality and world-changing message.

Connecting people who care about happiness is what Live Happy is all about. In every issue and on our website, we feature men, women and children who inspire us with stories of happiness, courage, hope and love. That certainly includes Gretchen and Shane, and they have lots of company. Be sure to visit us often, as this is where new friends meet.

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