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Networking Events and Speaking Engagements With Live Happy CEO and Co-Founder Kym Yancey

Attend a Live Happy Reception with your host Kym Yancey, CEO and Co-Founder of Live Happy. Each event Kym will share more about how Live Happy is leading a global movement to make the world a happier place and share tips on how you can become happier. 

If you are already a happy person, this event will thrill you and add dimension and range to your happiness. If you are seeking to be happier you will be energized by the insights and new possibilities. In addition to connecting with new friends and networking we will share ways to be happier so you can:

  • Discover the power and impact that happiness has in all areas of your life
  • Increase happiness in yourself and in those you touch
  • Connect, network and share with others
  • Energize your relationships and create a richer, deeper experience
  • See your career take off and new exciting opportunities unfold
  • Experience a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness right now

Locations and dates vary.

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