Written by : Whitney Alswede 

Making Time for Creativity

For the Live Happy staff, we don’t just write, post and talk about happiness—we incorporate it into our lives. As our first team Act of Happiness, we took the advice we gave you in “Let It Go” in the June 2014 issue of Live Happy magazine and rediscovered our artistic sides by visiting a local art studio.   

One Wednesday afternoon, our entire Dallas team turned off their computers and picked up paintbrushes. For many of us, this was the first time we’d painted something other than a wall in years. But by simply putting paint to canvas, we began to see why happiness really is a natural byproduct of being creative—in fact we experienced it firsthand!

While our whimsical trees came to life, adorned with birds and flowers, laughter filled the studio and we learned things about each other that tend not to come out when you’re working in an office. Whether it was through the quotes we added (see if you can find the two paintings with quotes), the choice of painting style (check out web editor Emily Miller’s painting, front and center) or how we interpreted the instructor’s guidance (look at the tree branches), our personalities came out with each stroke of the brush. 

Today, our paintings decorate the Live Happy office, reminding us that when things seem hectic and deadlines are looming, sometimes the most productive—and positive—thing we can do is step away and express our creativity.

How do you express your creativity? Tell us in the comments below.

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