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Make Someone’s Day Great in May

Welcome Happy Activists! A Happy Activist is someone who, through kind words and intentional actions, strives to make the world a better place. Live Happy invites you to join our #HappyAct movement! On the 20th of each month, we encourage you to incorporate kindness into your daily life by participating in each month’s planned activity. The more who join the #HappyAct movement, the more positive impact we’ll all have on our homes, workplaces and communities. What you think and do matters!

May’s monthly theme is reflection, which involves considering what’s most meaningful in life and focusing your time and energy on what matters most. Our May 20 #HappyAct is spring cleaning. We’re diving into our closets and cabinets to savor and appreciate what we have and to share gently used clothes and household items that we no longer need with others who can use them. 

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3 steps to spring cleaning:

  1. Shop your closet and cabinets and keep only what you would buy, wear and use today. 
  2. Clean gently used items and check for missing buttons or wear.
  3. Choose a cause to benefit from your donated items or plan a neighborhood garage or yard sale, then donate the proceeds or reinvest in home maintenance.
  4. Enjoy peace of mind and a peaceful view in your living space.

Donate your items to a local business or charity:

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