Written by : Make 2020 a Year of Happy Activism 

Make 2020 a Year of Happy Activism

On March 20, 2020, the world will celebrate the International Day of Happiness. This holiday was created by the United Nations in 2013 to recognize the need and awareness for worldwide happiness. Year in and year out, Live Happy has been championing this cause by encouraging our Happy Activists to practice #HappyActs on this day as well as to help create Happiness Walls across the globe.

In 2019 the Live Happy wall count exceeded 1300. This year we plan to have more than 1500 walls for people to visit and share with us how they like to spread happiness.

Happy Activists hosted walls in schools, churches, shopping malls, public parks, businesses and more. The infectious feeling of happiness and joy shared at the walls created a ripple effect. We asked last year’s Happy Activist wall hosts to share the moments that stood out the most. Here is what they had to say:

“The day was great because several people were happy to stop and visit with us. Some of them seemed lonely and it was great to be able to share some happiness with them even if just for a few minutes.”—Claudine Furniss, Victoria, Australia

“Seeing the kids and the parents get excited about being happy was great all day. For me personally, it was seeing how proud my three kids were of me for putting the wall up.”—Catie Rudolf, Temecula, California

“Seeing that people and customers who came in the coffee shop were so surprised by the wall and someone doing the Happy Acts. The smiles on their faces were so awesome when they posted their very own Happy Acts.”—Dale Rea, Jacksonville, Florida

“I held a public wall in a shopping mall that I do not frequent. It was great to get out and interact with a neighboring community! There were so many different nationalities and languages! More than once we had belly laughs come from wall volunteers and passersby huddled around their phones using Google translator trying so hard to communicate…smiles all over. It was amazing to see the joy and sometimes surprise on their face when they fully realized why we were there. Then, they'd call over their family or kids to come join in. Thank you all so very much for doing what you do…so we can spread it on and on!”—Amy Hamblin, Bellevue, Washington

“When someone was shocked to have to think about what makes them happy—their denial first, then thinking and coming up with some amazing things that make them happy. Creating that awareness for people to think about happiness and what really makes them happy. Maybe they will do more of those things or think about it more often.”—Susan Shelton, Albuquerque, New Mexico

We believe creating more awareness and bringing more happiness into the world can make life better on a global scale. But we can’t do it alone and that’s why we need your help. To find out how you can help with this important effort, go to happyacts.org and learn how to host your own wall. It is now easier than ever, so let’s keep the momentum going.

Make it Social: The great thing about being a Happy Activist is you can practice your acts of kindness all year long. And when you do, make it social by taking a picture or video and sharing it on social media with #HappyActs.

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