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Live Happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy

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From Deborah K. Heisz and the editors of Live Happy magazine we bring you the latest research on what practices and actions contribute to a happy life with 40 inspiring, often deeply moving stories from celebrities and regular people on how those particular practices made their lives significantly happier. 
Live Happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy published by HarperElixir, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers will teach you how little tweaks to your attitude and behavior can hugely impact how joyful your everyday life is. Happiness researchers around the world are making incredible discoveries every day, and Live Happy is the repository for all this wonderful knowledge. It's our privilege to be able to share the proven "how-to" of happiness—not just momentary fun, but real, lasting fulfillment in career, relationships, self-image, spiritual connection and much more
You will read stories from celebrities including:
Hoda Kotb, Jason Mraz, Alanis Morissette, Niki Taylor, Arianna Huffington, Shawn Achor, Laura Benanti, Gretchen Rubin and more. 
In stores March 2016.
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