Written by : Live Happy Premiere Issue on Newsstands! 

Live Happy Premiere Issue on Newsstands!

We’re celebrating at Live Happy! Our premiere issue is out on newsstands across the country! We’ve asked people to send snapshots of our blue cover featuring Ron Howard when they first spy us on the shelf. So far we’ve gotten shots taken at Whole Foods in Santa Monica, Calif.; at the Barnes & Noble in Plano, Texas; Whole Foods in New York; and at the Los Angeles airport. Our cover’s message of Life More Positive is reaching thousands who now have a new resource of information, inspiration and ideas on how to make their lives happier. We hope you count yourself in!

Do I sound like a proud parent? You bet I do. Live Happy grew from a personal vision shared by two entrepreneurs to a broader project undertaken by a small band of dedicated professionals. Now, it’s a timely and relevant new magazine and website.

My husband, Don, was the first to say to me, “You know, with everything that’s going wrong in Washington [this was during the government shutdown], your magazine’s positive message will be all the more important to people.” Steve Cohen, editor in chief at Media Industry Newsletter, a leading publication for the magazine publishing industry, echoed this thinking just this morning, as he was interviewing me about Live Happy.

We couldn’t agree more. Live Happy is an idea whose time has come. Thankfully, that is the general consensus of the valuable contributors to Live Happy. Shelley Levitt, our fantastic writer from L.A., was the first to answer my call, covering the International Positive Psychology Association’s conference brilliantly and then writing key and groundbreaking stories for the first issue. Kathryn Finney, our art director extraordinaire, also said “yes” when my ears and heart needed it most. I will always be grateful for their—and all our contributors’—great work, enthusiasm and care generously given to Live Happy.

Yes, we are celebrating at Live Happy. And there are a lot more good times to come! 

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