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Live Happy Gift 10

Join us as we applaud these generous people, who each gave at least 10 subscriptions of Live Happy to their friends and family. Together, they are bringing happiness (and Live Happy!) into homes and making lives a little brighter.

And when you gift happiness by purchasing 10 or more subscriptions for your family and friends, we’ll recognize you, too! Click here to give the gift of Live Happy—and the gift of happiness!

103 gifts given by:
Accu Translation SVS—Waterdown, ON

57 gifts given by:
Stuart of Walston Lilliput Childrens SVS—Citrus Heights, CA

41 gifts given by:
Stuart N.—Redwood City, CA

29 gifts given by:
Sabina P.—St. Louis, MO

28 gifts given by:
Tere P.—New York, NY

22 gifts given by:
Anita P.—Salina, KS

21 gifts given by:
Michael and Michelle T.—Boise, ID
Emily Jane L.—Huntington Valley, PA

20 gifts given by:
Lucia S.—Indianapolis, IN
Teresa A.—W. Monroe, LA
Whitney F.—San Jose, CA
Hank and Jessica M.—Fairhope, AL
Natalie S.—Marina Del Rey, CA

19 gifts given by:
Terry F.—St. Louis, MO
Dana M.—Garwood, NJ

18 gifts given by:
Braces For All Ages, Kellie G.—Portage, IN

16 gifts given by:
Monya W.—Gilbert AZ

15 gifts given by:
Elizabeth M.—Santa Barbara, CA
Jill N-P.—Parker, CO
Debbi-Jo H.—Block Island, RI

14 gifts given by:
Jen D.—Marion, IA
Knut H.—Hamilton, MT
Karen L.—Dallas, TX

12 gifts given by:
Jeanne D.—Bemidji, MN
Laura S.—Littleton, CO

11 gifts given by:
Larry and Sue A.—Arboles, CO
Theresa B.—Santa Barbara, CA
John D.—Newport Beach, CA
Mark and Lynn E.—Goffstown, NH
Gens J.—Lewisville, TX
Lisa J.—Boise, ID
Jeff and Zoe M.—Moundsville, WV
Lori P.—Warwick, RI
Tammy S.—Mission Viejo, CA
Emily C.—Laconia, NH
Marilyn C.—Springfield, MO
Hope R.—Columbus, IN

10 gifts given by:
Brittany B.—Irvine, CA
Erin B.—Los Angeles, CA
Carla C.—Krum, TX
Kim C.—Aliso Viejo, CA
Robert G.—Chula Vista, CA
Monica H.—Irvine, CA
Nakia H.—Drexel Hill, PA
Laura K., Ventura, CA
Marilu K.—Miami Beach, FL
Nathan L.—Kirkland, WA
Vickie L.—Colorado Springs, CO
Carla M.—Ojai, CA
Cathy N.—Arlington, TX
Jennifer N.—Nashville, TN
Sandra P.—Pasadena, MD.
Lori S.—Titusville, FL
Jack and Laura S.—Overland, KS
Natalie S.—Marina Del Rey, CA
Barbara T.—Hannibal, MO
April W.—Stockton, NJ
Michelle W.—Woodville, WA
Kym Y.—Plano, TX
William B. —Incline, NV
Darlene L.—Tecumseh, MI
Craig F.—Arlington, TX
Mindy A.—Shawnee Mission, KA
Tonya E.—Boise, ID
Jennifer V.—Flemington, NJ
Kim M.—Granite Bay, CA
Michelle N.—Meridian, ID
Steve E.—Chesterfield, MI
LeeAnn R.—Manhattan Beach, CA
Smokie C.—Glen Allen, VA
Wendy O.—Chino Hills, CA
Teresa M.—Victorville, CA
Alla B.—Plano, TX
Gwen M.—Lubbock, TX
Dawn M.—Burlington, ON
Robin S.—Los Angeles, CA
Nancy A.—Williamsburg, VA
Yvonne and Tom T.—Yorba Linda, CA
Stacy D.—Wheatly, ON
Eloise P.—Woodland Hills, CA
Frieda P.—San Diego, CA
Alicia U.—Fort Worth, TX
Patricia F.—Southlake, TX
Francis B.—Bend, OR
Nathan J.—San Francisco, CA
Ranae Y.—Elk Grove Village, IL
Teri G.—Thousand Oaks, CA
Chandla A.—Lake Luzerne, NY
Tracy S.—Canton, MO
Stephanie D.—Fort Collins, CO
Katherine H.—Peabody, MA
Patricia C.—Kingston, OK
Peggy M. and Korri C.—Sonora, CA
Tenley D.—Toledo, OH
Constance P.—San Jose, CA
Steve L.—Honolulu, HI
Grace J.—Saint Louis, MO
Joan M.—Yorktown Heights, NY
Cindy S.B.—Glen Ellyn, NY
Lisa C.—Springfield, MO
Michelle A.—Las Vegas, NV
Becky K.—Puyallup, WA
Danielle B.—Itasca, IL
Anne Marie & Michael S.—Olympia, CA
Pam R.—Federal Way, WA
Susie W.—Glen Ellyn, IL
Mary C.—Cranberry Falls, PA
The Downey Family—Corona, CA
Theresa Y.—Wilmington, DE
Kathleen M.—Georgetown, TX
Karen H.—Simi Valley, CA
Ann B.—Littleton, CO
Analyn S.—Laveen, AZ
Melissa S.—Wichita, KS
Linda L.—Laguna Niguel, CA
Laurie G.—Parkville, MO
Daye & Jaelin P.—Laguna Beach, CA





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