Finding Happiness in People
Building upon and strengthening your relationships is essential to your well-being.
Woman with her eyes closed
Welcome, Happy Activists! A Happy Activist is someone who, through kind words and intentional positive actions, strives to make the world a better...
A person looking out to the mountains
September’s theme is resilience. The ability to bounce back after a setback through grit and determination can help us achieve our goals. This sense...
a flower box in downtown Telluride, Colorado

Photo credit: Danica Chang/Shutterstock

A short trip to Telluride to cool my jets.
Famous Nyhavn pier with colorful buildings and boats in Copenhagen, Denmark

Famous Nyhavn pier with colorful buildings and boats in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo credit: Olga Gavrilova/Shutterstock

Live Happy’s Bonnie Olesen delivers the goods on Copenhagen.
Finding Happiness
The latest research in maintaining the good life.
little girl reading a book

Photo credit: George Rudy/Shutterstock

Check out our picks for your child's reading list.
Shower Up Nashville

Photos courtesy of Nashville Street Barbers

One couple’s dream to help those in need turns into a citywide movement.
Celebrate the Fourth of July
No matter how you choose to spend your Fourth of July holiday, a little patriotic music provides the perfect soundtrack for your celebration.
Finding connection through goat yoga.


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