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Live Happy is the only resource dedicated to making the science of happiness understandable, relevant and actionable to the everyday consumer. And given that most adults today spend more time on the job than anywhere else and receive from it not just monetary rewards but also the feelings of accomplishment and purpose necessary to good mental health, Live Happy is dedicated to boosting happiness in the workplace. To that end, we have developed a cost-effective program for to easily convey the key practices that directly lead to true fulfillment and a life of meaning—all based on decades of scientific research conducted by positive psychologists and researchers around the world.

Our battery of topics explored by expert teams deliver science-based, real-world facts and applications that enhance employee well-being and foster personal happiness that spills over into their work.

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Our customizable training and content packages (click for pricing) can include:

Training presentations and curriculum (materials for in-house training or featuring Live Happy contributors, writers, researchers): Since Live Happy has relationships with positive psychologists and researchers all over the world, we have been able to consolidate this research into 6 key practices that lead to a life and career filled with happiness and meaning: Attitude, Connection, Engagement & Mindfulness, Resilience, Meaning and Accomplishment. Each practice will be thoroughly but simply described with “action items” for each one—easy practices employees can do to start working their happiness muscle.

Customized content: We can supply custom creative content for your email newsletters, company intranet, social media accounts and on-board trainings! We have articles, quizzes, video and audio interviews on a wide variety of happy and   wellness-based topics.

Training videos: We have access to trainings from many of positive psychologies top experts from simple trainings on gratitude to more complex in-depth information on developing character strengths. Learn about resilience, grit and the power of giving back, and how these skills can affect your authentic happiness. Let us customize a program specific for your company.

Podcasts: Our #1 new and noteworthy podcast is educating, enlightening and entertaining. We can develop specific podcasts for your select audience, even interview your internal experts on how you promote happiness in the workplace.  Many of our work- related podcasts come with digital work sheets that ask you to do actions after the training.

Digital and/or print subscription to Live Happy magazine: Our award-winning magazine weaves the science of positive psychology through inspiring features, relatable stories and sage advice. Each issue is filled with content to assist and teach anyone how to develop a happier life. We also create a unique digital edition version of each issue that is mobile friendly and interactive.

Videos: Happiness is a skill and can be taught, tracked, stretched, incentivized and improved. Our partner nCourage offers a series of short-form “how to” and “facts” videos that work on mindset conditioning in under 10 minutes a day. This easy, step-by-step improvement program uses stories and mental triggers that will help individuals create the happiest, most successful lives possible.

App: Achieving a healthy state of physical fitness doesn’t happen overnight, so why would developing a positive mental lifestyle be any different? Consistency is the key. With the Feed Your Happy™ app, you can use the built-in reminder system to regularly condition yourself to deliberately, consciously focus on what’s going right in your life and participate in activities that strengthen your happiness skills.

Illustrated quotes: We have a database of over 1000 illustrated quotes that we can customize with your brand. 

Annual employee participation event: In 2012 the United Nations established March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. Live Happy has created the largest awareness campaign of any organization and celebrates by posting giant orange Happiness Walls in cities across the United States during a month-long social engagement called #HappyActs.  See what we’ve done! Visit happyacts.org

Email us to create a custom package for you or to arrange to receive one of our existing packages


Remember Happier People make a positive impact on your bottom line

More than 30 years of scientific research and experience demonstrates time and again that when companies invest in building and maintaining a happier workforce they enjoy competitive advantages such as:

  • Stronger financial performance—Studies show that happier corporate cultures enjoy significantly lower turnover and better financial performance than industry peers.
  • Increased innovation—Employees and teams are willing to take risks. Mistakes and missteps are treated as valuable learning experiences—conflicts are resolved better and faster.
  • Higher customer, client and patient satisfaction—Employees understand how their actions impact the organization's success and by extending themselves they ensure customers have a good experience. 
  • Greater brand recognition—Employees and customers have increased brand loyalty due to positive interactions, leading to, more recognition for the company and its products and services.
  • Attracting and retaining top talent—Employees who are given tools to shape their own happiness develop deeper trust in the places they work, stay longer, refer quality candidates and spread the word to potential hires.
  • Increased agility and speed—Employees and leaders in happier workplaces engage in more meaningful and efficient two-way communication, leading to better adaptability, lower resistance to change and faster speed to market.
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