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Your Summer Adventure Starts With Our July Issue

It’s that time of year when the neighborhood kids celebrate the last day of school by heading to the pool, making those of us still tied to our day jobs antsy for some fun and adventure. Haven’t started planning yet?

Not to worry, Live Happy has you covered with our July issue, on newsstands today, with at least 51 ways to live it up this summer and a featured cover story on comedian Jim Gaffigan. Awash in toys and gearing up for Father’s Day, Jim shares his two missions in life: empowering his five kids to chase their dreams while following his own path to happiness on- and off-stage.

Read what happened behind the scenes at our photo shoot.

Jim Gaffigan with guitar“Jim Gaffigan embodies the theme of this issue because he shares in this zest for adventure when it comes to his family and being onstage,” says Deborah K. Heisz, Live Happy editorial director, CEO and co-founder. “I’m especially inspired by his decision to tour internationally with his family so they can experience new cultures together.”

While a world comedy tour isn’t in the cards for most of us, a fun-filled summer day can be as close as 10 minutes away. Our feature, “Well-Being Is a Walk in the Park,” notes that exercising outdoors is strongly associated with positive mental health. Not only that, but neighborhoods with parks report increased interaction among residents, which adds to stronger bonds and life satisfaction.

If you’re ready to go all in, consider booking a stay at an adult sleep-away camp. In “Happy Campers,” read about the trend of new adult summer camps where adults have the chance to relax, enjoy nature and have a truly transformative experience.

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Other highlights include:   

  • Embracing Awe—Once seen as a “luxury handbag of emotions,” the experience of “awe” is now proving its significance to researchers and offers multiple benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Learn more about the science and explore its pathway to well-being in your life.
  • Wonder Bound—Read about five awe-inspiring destinations, ranging from far corners of the world to hidden gems not far from your backyard, to make your travel dreams a reality.
  • Hanging in the Outdoors—Looking for an outdoor adventure but don’t know where to start? Check out our fun camping and travel products—including a double sleeping bag and a water bike—before you hit the road.

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