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Welcome to Our New Issue!

Step inside the lushly illustrated and photography-filled issue of Live Happy’s print magazine! This month we have Kristen Bell on the cover and Michael Strahan inside. We have a monster article about raising happy kids and an introduction to the science of savoring. You’ll find happiness on every page!

Bell curves

  • With a booming career on television, in blockbuster films and as a singer, Kristen Bell is a triple threat. The star talks about how she and her family have made laughter, honesty, kindness and happiness a priority in their busy lives.

Can you be happy all day?

  • Editor at large Shelley Levitt puts this question to the test by sharing dozens of research-tested mood-boosting practices—all in the course of one 24-hour period.

The hardest-working man in any business

  • Football hero, morning talk-show host, clothing impresario…and now author? Is there anything Michael Strahan can’t do—and can’t do well? We sit down with the author of Wake Up Happy to find out where his incredible energy and positive attitude come from.

Move over meditation

  • The latest trend in mindfulness and stress reduction— floating in a darkened tank filled with room-temperature water and hundreds of pounds of salt. Learn about this new healing technique that is spreading rapidly throughout the country.

The International Day of Happiness is coming

  • The annual festivities take place on March 20. If you can’t make it to one of our Happiness Walls, we’ve got instructions for making your own Family Happiness Board at home!


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