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Top 10 States for Aging Happy

Since we are all living longer, it’s important to wake up every day in a place that makes us happy.

In its ongoing series, State of American Well-Being, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index recently ranked the top states for comparative well-being of Americans ages 55 and up. Of the five elements used to gauge well-being (purpose, social, financial, community and physical), Hawaii scored the highest for community and physical well-being, New Mexico topped the list for life purpose and Florida ranked highest in social well-being. North Dakota didn’t crack the top 10 overall, but it ranks first in financial well-being.

“Older Americans who are thriving in well-being exercise far more, have less depression and have lower rates of obesity and chronic illness,” Joy Powell, president of Healthways Senior Solutions Division, says in the report. Research shows that we get happier as we age, and previous Gallup studies conclude that older Americans worry less about money, have better access to health care, eat more fresh produce and smoke less.

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The top 10 states where older Americans have higher well-being:

1. Hawaii

2. Montana

3. South Dakota

4. Alaska

5. Iowa

6. New Hampshire

7. Utah

8. Oregon

9. New Mexico

10. Connecticut

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