Written by : Take a Peek Inside Our December Issue! 

Take a Peek Inside Our December Issue!

Hello, Dolly!

Dolly Parton does everything with joy and gratitude, from singing on-stage at the Grand Ole Opry to celebrating the holidays at home with her extended family. Meet the real Dolly—the one who grew up the fourth of 12 children under tough circumstances but always knew she was loved and blessed. She has a new television show being made of her early life, and she couldn’t be more pleased.

The Gift that Changed My Life

We all love giving and getting a gift. But have you ever received a gift that actually changed your life? As the holiday season approaches, nine individuals (some well-known, others just regular folks) reflect on gifts that did more than lift their spirits or decorate their homes—they actually changed their futures.

Wrap it Up!

Speaking of gifts, every year we all spend hours scouring our brains trying to figure out what to get Aunt Linda or Dave at the office. We’ve got you covered this time with a special section of adorable, happy gifts for under $15 and another two pages of gifts under $30. You will find something for everyone—from your UPS guy to hard-to-please Cousin Louise!

Much more

  • Forgive to Flourish
    Why you may need to bury the hatchet—even for grievous wrongs—for the sake of your own physical and emotional health.
  • Building on Friendship
    Learn about a heartwarming and selfless act of friendship that occurs when one woman finds she is in need of help.
  • Holiday Cookies with a Healthy Twist
    Who says cookies have to be a guilty indulgence? Try these three recipes that include healthy, mood-boosting ingredients for delicious treats that leave the guilt behind.

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