Written by : Take a Look Inside Our October Issue! 

Take a Look Inside Our October Issue!

This issue of Live Happy magazine features:

A Joyful Juggling Act

Multitalented blackish star Anthony Anderson opens up about the challenges of growing up in Compton, California and the joys of being a husband, father and irresistible force of nature.

The End of Bullying

Live Happy looks at this hot topic from the point of view of positive psychology: what are the hidden causes of bullying, how can it be prevented and what are the lasting solutions?

The Path to Purpose

Lasting happiness entails finding real purpose and meaning in your life. Are you living in a place where you belong, connected to people you love, doing fulfilling work and pursuing it all with a sense of purpose? That's the good life. Find out if it's the life you're living. Start here and take this fun quiz, then read our fabulous feature article.  

More Than a Best Friend

For many of us, a dog is more than a pet, they are a family member. Read about the love shared among canine companions and their families in this heartwarming article, complete with beautiful photos.

And much, much more!

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