Written by : Queen Latifah Lights Up Our May Issue! 

Queen Latifah Lights Up Our May Issue!

Pick up the latest edition of Live Happy magazine to get real with Queen Latifah, Sam Worthington and actor/comedian Echo Kellum. Find your funny bone, feather your nest and figure out if you like the latest spring pastels. The new issue is here!

All Hail Queen Latifah

In this month’s cover story, “Happiness Reigns Supreme,” superstar singer and actress Queen Latifah goes straight to the heart of what’s truly important in life: family, confidence and health. She shares why tragedy helped her uncover her true strength, how she cultivates shining confidence and her secret motivation for a healthy, happy life.

The International Day of Happiness: How You Can Get Involved

Since its beginning in 2012, the International Day of Happiness has become a global movement for sharing and spreading #HappyActs, big and small. In this issue, writer Shelley Levitt shares one woman’s deeply personal connection to the day, how it has grown in the past five years and how everyone can share their joy on March 20.

Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

Learn why a sense of humor may be your most effective communication tool. In our feature story “Finding Your Funny Bone,” writer Chris Libby explores the world of improv comedy, and why it is surging in popularity as both a pastime and a tool for success.

Sam Worthington Bares His Soul

When Avatar star Sam Worthington made the decision to take on the small, spiritual film The Shack, he had no idea how it would change him as an actor and a man. We sit down with Sam as he shares his perspective on how to live a life that is personally and professionally fulfilling. 

33 Ideas for a Happy Home

Happiness starts at home. We’ve pulled together the best movies, music, songs and activities that will inspire you to feather your nest. A few small changes can make your home radiate with love and joy.

Plus get the latest on which colors to bring home this spring, what's the latest superfood to replace kale, and why we should be teaching out kids empathy from an early age.

Find out where you can pick up a copy of our May issue at a store or newsstand near you!

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